The Inside Track on Technology

Stephenson Group understands two critical things about the technology marketplace:

  1. Technology needs a market AND brilliant thinkers.
  2. Today’s biggest tech companies are changing the world. Many of them started in a garage.

What we mean, simply, is we are experts at helping technology companies large and small connect with their marketplace. Yes, dialogue among peers, and the credibility that provides, is critical. But we believe the most successful technology companies (today’s and tomorrow’s) know that prospects need to understand how their solution meets the marketplace need. Stephenson Group has an excellent track record of getting clients in front of the analysts, key trade journalists, business editors and social media influencers that drive market leadership.

While we’re on the topic, Stephenson Group has enjoyed with such world-changing technology leaders as Oracle, Cisco, SAP and others. Just as importantly, we’ve worked with emerging companies that have gone on to their own market leadership, or acquisition by leaders: Palisades Technology Partners, now part of IBM, Exametric and Demos Solutions, now part of Verint, Interlinq, now part of Harland Financial Solutions.

We owe this success to our philosophy of using senior talent, a business-focused strategic mindset, expertise in the tools of the trade, and passion for our work.

We look forward to working with the technology leaders of today – and tomorrow. Please contact us today.

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