Digital Insight

Goal: Positioning for growth and IPO readiness.

Stephenson Group’s mission was to create widespread market awareness of, and preference for, Digital Insight’s online banking applications, as well as build enthusiastic support for an IPO.


Stephenson Group (SG) created a PR program designed to maximize returns on PR activity before, during, and after the IPO, launching an ambitious market awareness campaign of media and analyst outreach and thought leadership positioning through speaking engagements, case studies, and bylined articles. SG also provided strategic guidance throughout the IPO process, including counsel about the types and quantity of news Digital Insight could release, coordination of press activities for opening day, and oversight of PR activities as allowed during the IPO process.


By the time Digital Insight went IPO, the company’s base had soared from 170 client institutions to 739 client institutions.

Digital Insight offered 4,025,000 shares of common stock at $15 per share. Share prices quickly rose to more than $32 on the first day of trading, and reached an ultimate high of more than $75 within five months.

More than 50 stories covering the firm and its successful offering were published within three months after opening day.