Social Media

“What have you done for (our clients) lately?”

That’s the question we here at Stephenson Group ask of any social media initiative. Yes, of course the endless stream of new platforms, conventions and dialogue is fascinating, and we work with some of the field’s top experts. However, we don’t let the stream of buzz words new channels get in the way of our social media mission:

To create meaningful, measurable, two-way dialogue supporting client business goals and connecting them with their marketplace.

To deliver this result, we take a strategic, holistic, look at social media. We identify which channels are the most meaningful for the influencers and markets our clients need to reach. We thoughtfully assess the human resource, content and available budget so we build a campaign that is right-sized for their needs. More importantly, we seamlessly blend social media interaction with the public relations program larger communications objectives.

For the public relations team of Stephenson Group, social media is a highly productive, targeted tool for reaching the marketplace. We work with journalists, influencers, customers and others to ensure that everything, from social media news releases announcing a new product (Western Union) or partnership (Mambo/SG) are optimized, shared with carefully-vetted community – and that our clients are given the information they need to be comfortable being represented in this medium.

To make the partnering of social media and public relations even more cost and results-effective, we partner with some of the best social media practitioners in the business – ensuring seamless service or our clients and measurable results.