Midtown Technologies

Goal: Launch a technology affiliate of an established non-tech firm.


Stephenson Group was asked to stablish Midtown Technologies, an affiliate of Midtown Equities, as the leading resource for technology infrastructure solutions in the commercial, residential and mixed-use development sector.


Stephenson Group (SG) identified and developed messaging for the key issues driving the development industry, creating a new brand identity for Midtown Technologies: Genius Building. Using the Genius Building brand as its foundation, SG designed a thought-leadership campaign leveraging client case studies, contributed articles, proactive media outreach, and speaking engagements to position Midtown Technologies’ as the go-to expert for technology infrastructure solutions.


Within six months, the campaign generated six new prospect leads, each valued with a potential revenue win of $1 million or more, and SG had secured key media wins in leading targeted press, including:

  • Business Journals national network
  • Investor’s Business Daily
  • Money Matters nationally-syndicated radio program
  • NJ Sun Press
  • New York Times
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Retirement TV
  • Reuters

SG also negotiated leadership positioning for Midtown Technologies’ “Genius Building” concept, earning contributed article and speaking engagement wins for the topic.