Clean & Green

The Inside Track on Clean & Green

The global marketplace is focused on productivity and performance with a lessened carbon footprint. Whether your company is specifically focused on helping the environment; or committed to running an enterprise with minimal waste and maximum profitability, Stephenson Group is prepared to help.

Our work with leading paperless billing, statement and payments advocate PayItGreen has earned media coverage wins in leading consumer and trade press: Inc., TechCrunch, Daily Finance, Bank of America’s Environment, eBilling News and more. We also help green companies involved in such critical services as recycling and stream management understand the media’s take on environmental trends via media listening and reporting services. Our work with not-for-profit advocacy organizations such as NACHA, an electronic payments association and PayItGreen affiliate, has delivered critical thought leadership in the green financial services arena.

Stephenson Group looks forward to helping the world be an environmentally better place through its work with the green thought leaders of today – and tomorrow.