Speaking & Writing

Stephenson Group helps its clients communicate in many ways. We partner with you to understand the strategies behind the public relations tools, and what results you can expect from a customized outreach program.

We reach into a tactical tool kit to create a customized speaking program for our clients. Stephenson Group delivers custom-researched recommended speaking targets plans, submission calendars, topic summaries, proposals, coordinator interface, presentation writing, and pre and post-conference social media and journalist outreach.

The benefits of a speaking program? The ability to directly interact with prospects, influencers and peers in face to face environment; the creation of thought leadership credibility in the eyes of the conference audience, the creation of valuable message points that can be translated into articles, blog posts, Tweets and presentations, and the chance to see and hear first-hand what the marketplace is thinking.


In today’s social media, web and print world, content is king. We help our clients earn market leadership through the strategic crafting of white papers, contributed articles, presentations, media kits, news releases, social media platform profiles, and more.

News Release Program

Many public relations firms overlook the fact that news releases are meant to convey news, not hype. At Stephenson Group, we first work with clients to determine what is newsworthy. Then, our excellent writing staff puts the news in the best possible light to ensure maximum attention and coverage.

We support our press release programs by proactively contacting key targeted press, and continuing to follow up by pitching unique angles and pursuing possible stories.

Case Studies

Our clients’ customers and partners often are their best advocates because they can offer a more objective, less biased viewpoint that carries weight with press, analysts and other potential customers. For this reason, Stephenson Group seeks to maximize and promote customer and partner relationships. We help our clients capture and communicate their best customer stories in the most effective manner. Developing case studies for marketing and press purposes is a Stephenson Group core competency, one that gives our clients a competitive edge.

White Papers

Stephenson Group writers help clients distill their thoughts and insight into interesting and concise white papers that get noticed. White papers written by Stephenson Group help position our client companies and spokespeople as visionaries. They also provide the foundation for other public relations efforts such as bylined articles and media pitches.

Our team of expert writers is on hand to help clients craft messages, and present them in a professional and eloquent manner.

Bylined Articles

Stephenson Group understands that our clients do not always have the time or resources to put their thoughts into writing. At the same time, we have found that experts within our client companies have invaluable insights to share. We help our clients capitalize on their intellectual property by encapsulating their insights into articles submitted under our clients’ bylines. Highly targeted and relevant, bylined articles are an effective communications tool that helps to establish our clients as thought leaders.

Blogs, Facebook, Social Media

Stephenson Group delivers content that makes sense to the market community, while meeting the needs of the social media channel. From the concise world of blog posts to the 140-characters-or-less world of Twitter, our team of writers deliver focused, meaningful and read-worthy materials for the social media communities that matter to our clients and the markets they serve.