Our goal in partnering with our clients is to generate results worth writing about.  We are humbly delighted to share some of feedback we have received from our clients and colleagues.


“The Stephenson Group delivers on partnership, integrity, creativity, quality and results!”
Cynthia Walliser, Director of Marketing


“Thanks for running hard and smart.”
Robert Strickland, Marketing Director


“Oracle demands excellence. For us this means responsiveness, creativity, and attention to detail. We know we’ll get it every time from you.”
Jennifer Glass, Vice President Corporate PR


“Great results. Keep those interviews and reviews coming”!
Jon Gallo, CEO


“You have represented yourselves well by dblockquoteonstrating your knowledge and value in a differentiated way. As a sales driven CEO, I love seeing that type of customer relationship managagement”.
Darryl Demos, CEO, Demos Solutions (now Verint)


“The business keeps walking in the door. There are plenty of multi-million dollar firms who would be envious of this position! We are #1 in sales culture and #2 in sales training. You created the framework for us to achieve this”.
Margaret L. Kane, President and CEO


“Looking for great PR in Portland region? Stephenson Group is top notch.”
Tweeted by:
Brad Windecker, President