Customer Success Program™

Compliments count. That’s really the heart of Stephenson Group’s trademarked, highly-successful Customer Success Program™.

Working from the premise that your customer’s approval carries weight in the marketplace, Stephenson Group’s Customer Success Program is a public relations strategy designed to communicate the value of your company through the credible voice of your customer.

However, the Customer Success Program is designed to deliver winning value for your customer as well, thanks to our focus on positioning both our clients and customers as strategic thought leaders in their respective industries. The beauty of this program is all participants earn the increased market recognition and positive brand presentation that comes from a business case study, smartly told.

Through a customized program of joint interviews, case studies, speaking engagements and contributed articles in your marketplace’s key publications, this program helps deliver recognition for the agile market leadership your company and your customers possess.

The Customer Success Program strategy works to extend the leadership of established companies, and put smaller enterprises on the market map. Adding to its versatility, the Customer Success Program can be used as a stand-alone initiative, or partnered with internal or agency programs. Stephenson Group has used this program to earn success for companies such as Oracle, Palisades Technology Partners (now IBM), Exametric (now Verint), Interlinq (now Harland Solutions) and others.

Hmmm…all those startup companies, now part of globally-known brands upon completion of the Customer Success Program. Wouldn’t be a coincidence, would it?

Stephenson Group Customer Success Program ™ Case Studies: