Media Relations

Media relations is one of the most critical, and visible, aspects of a successful public relations program. Stephenson Group delivers to our clients a team of highly experienced media relations experts, many of whom have worked in the broadcast , social media and print fields themselves. Their mission? To excel in generating media opportunities mapped to strategic program goals.

Thanks to this expert leadership, we routinely deliver coverage in the top consumer, business and trade press that meets and exceeds clients’ expectations.

But, don’t take our word for it, visit our media newsroom for a look at our most current media wins to date…including such leading media outlets as USA Today, Forbes, Fox Business, Univision, Los Angeles Times, American Banker, AOL, Investors Business Daily, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, eCommerce Times, Bloomberg, Internet Retailer, and more.

Industry Analyst Relations

Industry analysts are among the most important influencers for clients. Their recommendations to our clients’ potential customers can make or break vital sales efforts. Stephenson Group has established strong relationships with top industry analysts. We work to ensure that this important audience is aware of the strengths of our clients’ product offerings and competitive positioning. We’ve earned client briefings, and inclusion in many analyst briefing reports, for such firms as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Jupiter, Javelin Strategy & Research and more.

In addition, we’ve served top analyst firms such as TowerGroup as our clients, ensuring we understand the industry analyst world inside and out.