The Inside Track on Energy

Today’s global marketplace is immersed in a critical dialogue about energy: nowhere is the intersection of private sector, government regulation and community awareness more dynamic than in the sourcing, use, and conservation of this critical resource.  Underlying this dialogue is the opportunity for market leadership, and the revenue opportunity that comes with it.

A close cousin to the energy sector, utility companies and the enterprises serving them require strategic communications guidance in order to drive the performance goals of a vertical impacting consumer, government, private business and advocacy stakeholders.

Stephenson Group brings a superior tool kit of knowledge, expert media relations management and advocacy to both of these critical areas.  We provide clients with careful analytics detailing key topic media coverage and trends, recommended thought leadership strategies, well-crafted white papers, presentations and contributed articles, plus on-target media interview opportunities with the publications that matter most in the energy, utility and related financial markets.

Stephenson Group has successfully guided energy exploration clients such as Siberian Energy Group to “top five” major media and business prominence, worked with leading technology solution providers such as SAP to serve the utility market, created leadership for a Fortune 500 brand (Western Union) in the utilities payment arena, and worked with other specialized energy production and management enterprises to drive market success.