Seeking Alpha

Risk Aware Investing, Part I: Dividend ETFs – March 17, 2014 Risk awareness is an important part of investing. It’s no less critical today than in other times. With low US interest rates, rather full valuation of US stocks, China potentially facing a round of insolvencies, and Russian action in the Ukraine, thinking about risk […]

MSN Money

The internet has killed traditional checking – March 10, 2014 With the increasing availability of mobile and online banking options, traditional checking account products like paper personal checks are falling out of usage. Online bill pay, peer-to-peer payment apps and other, more convenient ways of moving money are taking their place. (more)

Motherhood Moment

Gen Y’s Financial Habits – February 12, 2014 How is the U.S’ largest demographic impacting American bill payment and money management behavior? A new survey reveals fascinating insight. Western Union® Bill Payments’ just-released infographic captures powerful new data detailing the 74-million strong demographic known as Gen Y’s financial and tech behavior. (more)


It’s Official: The Internet Killed Traditional Checking – March 3, 2014 How often do you write a personal check? If you’re like many of the respondents in the latest GOBankingRates poll, never. (more)

Credit Union Times

Gen Y:  Follow the Paperless Trail – February 3, 2014 One of out of five Gen Y’ers has never written a paper check and diverse electronic channels are increasingly the way to serve this demographic, a new study concludes. (more)