Credit Union Times

The Mobile Credit Union: Connecting the Enterprise – April 29, 2013 Growing exponentially and mysterious in its complexity, the data streaming into a credit union is a rich repository of valuable information that can deepen member relationships, improve revenues and enhance performance. (more)

TechTarget SearchConsumerization

Enterprise mobile development begins with business needs – April 26, 2013 Some organizations think of enterprise mobile development as something they must do to extend existing applications to smartphones or tablets. That, however, is the wrong mind-set. (more)

enterprise efficiency

Peeps Go Mobile – April 25, 2013 How do you get a bazillion marshmallow birds and bunnies to stores on time for holidays? If you’re Just Born, you use a mobile strategy. (more)

The Green Sheet

Mobile Payments 2013 – April 8, 2013 In the minds of many Americans, the Western Union Co. name is practically synonymous with payments. Whether it’s consumers looking to send money to friends or relatives overseas, or companies seeking to collect money from customers, chances are Western Union is a contender for their business. And that’s […]