The Wall Street Journal

Money Managers Look for New Ways to Profit from Social-Media Monitoring – May 22, 2014 The opportunities presented by social media continue to grow for money managers, who are in a race to find ways to profit from troves of new data and its potential influence. (more)


Javelin ID’s Finovate trends of PFM, investments, authentication – May 7, 2014 Last week’s FinovateSpring 2014 conference showcased new products and technologies for financial institutions, and Javelin author Mary Monahan picked three trends from the crowd in a May 2 blog post. (more)

Investment News

As Ukraine gets hotter, fund winners and losers come into focus – May 2, 2014 As the Russia-Ukraine situation jumps back into the headlines and the tension showing few signs of abating anytime soon, advisers and investors understandably might be starting to think seriously about the implications of the conflict on their portfolios. (more)


Tech Entrepreneurs Are Here To Run Your Bank – May 1, 2014 Finovate Conference, San Jose – For decades, financial technology firms sold their products to big banks. Today, a new generation of venture-backed fintech entrepreneurs have the consumer in their sights and are threatening to disrupt the very financial services firms they once considered […]

Mortgage Banking

Gen Y: A Money-Management Style of Their Own – May 2014 Whoever first coined the phrase “age is just a number” has clearly not met up with Generation Y. As the largest age demographic in the United States, these high-profile Millennials offer up some surprises in their financial behaviors, impacting everything from digital adoption to […]