Treasury Services Corporation

Goal: Drive 1,000% revenue growth with market awareness campaign.

Stephenson Group sought to poost market awareness of Treasury Services Corporation’s sophisticated risk and A/LM software products, while building credibility for an eventual initial public offering or acquisition by a major technology provider.


Stephenson Group (SG) quickly instituted a marketplace education program that focused first on the analyst community and then on the domestic and international financial trade publications to establish immediate credibility for TSC with key audiences. SG continued the relationship-building process with a global analyst/press tour and an ongoing communications program encompassing targeted media outreach, publication of case studies and bylined articles, and development of speaking opportunities at important conferences.


With assistance from a strong public relations campaign, TSC revenues grew from approximately $3 million a year to more than $40 million. Oracle Corporation offered $132 million to acquire TSC, which is now part of Oracle’s Financial Services division.

Within three weeks of engaging SG, TSC was featured in an American Banker lead story. During the course of its relationship with SG, the firm was featured in more than 50 major stories in American Banker and another 50 in other leading international banking trade publications. TSC also was cited more than 500 times in its primary targeted media sectors (the business and financial services trade presses). SG wrote and placed 20 bylined articles and position papers that were published at home and abroad.

TSC successfully penetrated international markets, winning business from banks in Western and Central Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In one year TSC won major adoptions at four of Australia’s six leading banks, and was heavily featured in the Australian financial press.