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Tech Entrepreneurs Are Here To Run Your Bank – May 1, 2014 Finovate Conference, San Jose – For decades, financial technology firms sold their products to big banks. Today, a new generation of venture-backed fintech entrepreneurs have the consumer in their sights and are threatening to disrupt the very financial services firms they once considered […]

Mortgage Banking

Gen Y: A Money-Management Style of Their Own – May 2014 Whoever first coined the phrase “age is just a number” has clearly not met up with Generation Y. As the largest age demographic in the United States, these high-profile Millennials offer up some surprises in their financial behaviors, impacting everything from digital adoption to […]


Market Prophit’s Big Data Analytics Help Investors Generate Alpha Through Better Sentiment Analysis – April 30, 2014 Market Prophit is our next presenter. The company is showing its “Morningstar + Klout” solution for both retail and institutional investors and traders looking to improve the way they use sentiment analysis in their overall investing decisions. (more)

Mobile Marketer

Western Union steps up new customer acquisition via first movie partnership, mobile game – April 28, 2014 Western Union and Twentieth Century Fox’s new campaign for the film “Rio 2” highlights a shift in how financial services are now turning to mobile promotions to acquire new customers in addition to promoting their services. (more)

Wall Street PR

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) Goes On To Celebrate RIO2 – April 10, 2014 The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU) has been up for a campaign to accomplish better relations with its customers. The leading payment services company, Western Union, has joined hands with Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NASDAQ:FOXA) to reach out to the consumers […]