case studies

Treasury Services Corporation

Goal: Drive 1,000% revenue growth with market awareness campaign. Stephenson Group sought to poost market awareness of Treasury Services Corporation’s sophisticated risk and A/LM software products, while building credibility for an eventual initial public offering or acquisition by a major technology provider. Tactics: Stephenson Group (SG) quickly instituted a marketplace education program that focused first on […]

Kmart/Western Union

Kmart(R) Launches Western Union’s Next Generation of Walk-in Payments  Service

1View Network

Goal: Fast-track to market recognition and acquisition. Stephenson Group  was asked to mprove opportunities for VC funding, a public offering, or acquisition by establishing 1View Network as a leader in electronic account aggregation and IFX/OFX technology. Tactics: Stephenson Group (SG)  launched a public relations campaign designed to win industry mindshare of 1View Network and its flagship “personal financial […]

Cisco Systems

Goal: Secure thought leadership positioning expertise within financial services vertical. Stephenson Group’s mission was to position Cisco Systems executives as thought leaders in financial services, in order to facilitate growth of Cisco Systems’ Internet Business Solutions Group in the financial services marketplace. Tactics: Stephenson Group (SG) designed an aggressive expert positioning strategy leveraging the financial services expertise […]

Digital Insight

Goal: Positioning for growth and IPO readiness. Stephenson Group’s mission was to create widespread market awareness of, and preference for, Digital Insight’s online banking applications, as well as build enthusiastic support for an IPO. Tactics: Stephenson Group (SG) created a PR program designed to maximize returns on PR activity before, during, and after the IPO, […]