SPL WorldGroup

Goal:  Apply broad-spectrum PR for exponential increase in market awareness.

Stephenson Group’s mission was to increase sales and revenues for SPL WorldGroup (SPL) by heightening marketplace awareness of the company’s customer management solutions, and positioning SPL executives as experts in helping regulated industries build customer-centric organizations.  Here is how we got the job done:


Stephenson Group (SG) developed a strategic corporate communications, marketing, and public relations program flexible enough to grow and evolve as SPL’s industry climate and product offerings changed, employing targeted media and analyst outreach, speaking engagements at key industry conferences, and placement of case studies and a “State of the Industry” series of bylined articles.


SG’s PR and marketing campaign produced:

  • 450% increase in media coverage, including placements in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, Dow Jones Wire, Bloomberg Wire, ComputerWorld, CRM Magazine, B to B Magazine, Tech Target, Customer Interface, Newark Star-Ledger, Energy Markets, Electric Perspectives, and others
  • Fourfold increase in analyst briefings (average of 14 analyst briefings each quarter)
  • Eightfold increase in bylined article placements (average of 17 bylined article opportunities each quarter)
  • Twofold increase in speaker’s bureau opportunities, which were placed based on speaker expertise rather than “pay for play” sponsorship requirements
  • Average of 8 executive interview opportunities each month

In summing up their PR partnership, Tracey Mitchell, SPL’s Director of U.S. Marketing and Communications, says, “Not only are we thrilled with the increased volume and quality of media and analyst coverage that Stephenson Group has secured for us, but we are extremely happy with the strategic insight and diligence of our PR team. They have quickly become an integral part of our marketing department.”