Home Account

Goal: Driving growth to acquisition.

Stephenson Group sought to achieve growth through capital infusion or acquisition by improving Home Account’s industry recognition and corporate image as a leading internet banking provider.

The Stephenson Group team also worked to position Home Account within the financial services sector as a software vendor providing real bottom line benefits to financial institutions in the form of increased revenues and lowered costs.


Prior to retaining Stephenson Group (SG), mentions of Home Account had appeared almost solely in technology publications. While continued coverage in technology publications remained important, SG targeted financial services outlets with C-level audiences, such as American Banker, for feature articles, case studies, and bylined articles. SG also worked to educate the analyst community about the benefits of Home Account.


Home Account was acquired by Intellidata for more than $36 million.  In the year prior to the acquisition, SG secured coverage of Home Account in 135 stories, including prominent placement in target publications such as American Banker, Bank Systems + Technology, Bank Director, and Financial Service Online.

Due to SG’s efforts, Home Account executives were invited to speak at key events hosted by America’s Community Bankers, Robertson Stephens, Miller Freeman, Bank Administration Institute, Strategic Research Institute, American Bankers Association, and National Association of Federal Credit Unions.